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REDEEM YOUR POG®: Proof Of Greatness

REDEEM YOUR POG®: Proof Of Greatness

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If you hold a Proof Of Greatness Certificate in your Ethereum Wallet you can currently connect with Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Wallet Connect. 
You will see a button after connecting that says, "Apply Discount."

This will allow you to select which POG you are redeeming from your wallet and then you can proceed to checkout. 

*Upon Checkout you will select, "Checkout With NFTS."  Do not select any other purchasing options. This should bring your total to 10$ not including shipping and handling. 

The Metadata on you NFT will be updated to show Redeemed, this will be your signal that it is safe to move your NFT. 

*****If you move your NFT before receiving shipping confirmation or seeing your metadata updated, your Redemption has not been confirmed and could result in the NFT Remaining unclaimed with your Order Being Canceled...

This POG® Digital Certificate of Authenticity
 (DCA) is a historic fusion of tradition and technology, embodying the essence of your genuine POG® collectibles in the digital realm. Each DCA serves as a testament to the authenticity and provenance of your cherished POG® Collectible, ensuring its legacy is preserved in the digital age.

But the DCA isn't just a certificate; it's an interactive passport to a world of gaming adventures. Embedded within its digital DNA is the capability to integrate with a variety of games, allowing collectors to utilize their POG® Collectibles and Certificates in dynamic and immersive gameplay experiences. Whether you're battling opponents, completing challenges, or exploring virtual worlds, your DCA ensures your POG® is not just a collectible but a playable asset.

Crafted with cutting-edge blockchain technology, the DCA guarantees the security, uniqueness, and traceability of each POG®. Every certificate is encrypted and linked to a unique identifier on the physical version, ensuring its authenticity is verifiable and immutable.

With the Digital Certificate of Authenticity, your POG® transcends its physical form, bridging the gap between tangible collectibles and the boundless possibilities of the digital universe. It's not just a proof of ownership; it's an invitation to play, explore, and relive the magic of POG® like never before.

Integrated NFC chips breathe new life into these classic collectibles, forging a bridge between their tangible history and the boundless digital realm.

Redeem the physical collectible at POGGER.SHOP if REDEMPTION = Unclaimed!

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